Infection Prevention Consulting

We Are Here To Assist With All of Your Infection Prevention and Control Needs

Infection Prevention and Control Consulting

We Are Here To Assist With All of Your Infection Prevention and Control Needs


Infection Control Consultants You Can Trust

Bad Bugz Infection Prevention and Control Consulting, LLC wants to help keep your patients/residents safe by assisting to update your policies and procedures by following industry guidelines, whether you are in a medical or non-medical setting.

At Bad Bugz Infection Prevention and Control Consulting, LLC, we are committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of your patients and residents, whether in a medical or non-medical setting. Located in the heart of New Orleans, LA, our team of experienced and compassionate professionals provides top-notch infection prevention consulting services.

Our consultants meticulously review your policies and procedures in line with the most current CDC and CMS guidelines. We offer our expertise in identifying infections and fulfilling mandatory reporting requirements within your facility. Our educated team doesn't merely suggest changes and updates to your prevention and control procedures; we are dedicated to nurturing an environment of knowledge, providing education to your staff about industry regulations.

The Importance of Infection Prevention Consulting

Infection prevention consulting is of paramount importance in healthcare settings such as clinics and residential homes. The presence of vulnerable populations such as the elderly, those with chronic diseases, or those recovering from surgeries makes these environments highly susceptible to the spread of infectious diseases. Inadequate infection control can lead to outbreaks, causing severe health complications and even fatalities.

Additionally, it can contribute to antibiotic resistance, a growing global concern. High-quality infection prevention consulting services can help create a safer environment by identifying potential infection risks, implementing effective control measures, and ensuring staff have the right training in infection prevention and control protocols. This not only safeguards the health of patients and residents but also helps clinics, healthcare facilities, and residential homes maintain their reputations and avoid potential regulatory penalties.

Allow Bad Bugz to help you stay up to date on local health policies and procedures and conduct mandatory reporting of any prevalent infections. Connect with our infection prevention consultants today to set up an initial consultation.

Overview of Our Services

Our experts go above and beyond to offer comprehensive programs that will help improve your protocols. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Infection Control Education
  • Surveillance to Identify Infections
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Evaluation of Cleaning and Disinfection Products
  • Infection Control Risk Assessments.
Patients in the process of infection prevention consulting services

Assessing Your Policies, Procedures, and Products

We will review your facilities policies and procedures and make recommendations as needed for updates and/or revisions, to meet regulatory guidelines, and we will review your products and make recommendations based on CMS, CDC, and EPA guidelines.

Facilities We Serve

  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Dental Clinics
  • In-Patient Rehabilitation Centers
  • Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Non-Medical Facilities in Various Industries
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Outpatient Surgery Centers

Who We Are

Our team has over 25 years of experience in the Infection Prevention and Control field, and over 20 years of certification (CIC) by the Certification Board of Infection Control.

Our Mission

We are here to assist in providing quality patient care by reducing healthcare acquired infections.

Partner With Us

Count on us for reliable infection prevention and control services. Reach out to us today for more information about what we do. One of our staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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